The Accidental Investor Workshop – For Upsizing Your Home

Do you want to upsize your family home but keep your existing property as an investment? Find out how in this 30 minute lunchtime workshop.

The kids need their own rooms, you need a home office, or you’re sick of fighting over one bathroom… Regardless of the reason, your family is ready for a bigger home.

When families come to me about upsizing, they’re typically surprised when I explain to them exactly how they can keep their first property as an investment. More importantly – why they should!

And then BAM! They’ve accidentally become property investors!

In this lunchtime workshop, I’ll show you how to make the transition from home owner to investor so you can make the best decision for you and your family’s financial future!


Event Details

  • Thu 17 November 2022 – Online via Zoom
    (you’ll be sent a link after registering)
  • 12:30 PM (AEST)
amazing outcome

Yes, you’ve purchased property before.

But this time, you’re not just buying a new home, you’re buying an investment property as well. You just happen to already own it!

When families are able to upsize and keep their existing property, it can be an amazing outcome.

But it’s also when serious financial errors can be made, which end up costing you for years to come.

And why?

award winning mortgage broker
Why did Andrew see the need to create
The Accidental Investor Workshop?

Andrew has spent his whole career helping people achieve the great Australian dream of owning property. Sadly, he has worked with far too many people who, after upsizing to a bigger home, later realised they could have kept the first as an investment. He has also helped many who – while keeping their first property – were struggling under the weight of unnecessarily high repayments and tax cost because they’d chosen the wrong mortgage product and loan structure.

This workshop is designed to give people a clear process to find out if being an accidental property investor is something they can do, something they should do, when they should do it and what their life might look like if they take the plunge.


Aussie house prices have slowed, so it’s definitely the right time to buy.

But it’s NOT the right time to sell.

So in this lunchtime workshop I’ll show you the most common mistakes people make in this scenario and how to avoid them, so that becoming an Accidental Investor ends up being a great financial decision for you and your family for years to come!



“Wheatley Finance turned what we thought was complex - conversion of a home to an investment refinance and then purchase of a new home - into a clear, simple and seemingly easy strategy. The video and presentation updates were a fantastic way to absorb and review the information and the team were flexible in adapting and providing options to meet our needs. Highly recommend!”

- Andrew Garnam

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