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Buying a home is one of the most stressful and complicated things you’re ever going to do in your life – especially if you’ve already got your hands full with work, kids, and life in general.

There’s a lot out there that might have you stuck in your tracks, but things don’t need to be this confusing.

We know you want to do things as fast as possible but your current bank might not be the best option (or the quickest way out of the mortgage mess).

If you’re looking to get the best deal on your mortgage quickly and efficiently, you’re going to need to understand exactly how banks work.

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Andrew Wheatley


Winner of the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) 2021 VIC/TAS Broker of the Year Award, Andrew is passionate about helping buyers take the power back from the banks. Andrew began Wheatley Finance to help people improve their lives when it comes to finances. He’s dedicated to giving every one of his clients a positive experience and is always in touch with what people want from his services.


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Your bank wants you to be overwhelmed during your mortgage journey.

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Fight back with our simple mortgage system, designed to help you choose the best deal for your mortgage.

Don’t listen to your current bank, they want you to choose the option that’s best for them – but we can help you choose a better way!


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Does refinancing make you feel stressed? You’re not alone.

Most people who consider refinancing their home don’t pursue it because they can’t be bothered dealing with the hassle.

But what if we told you we can help you get rid of that stress with a mortgage system that puts you in control?

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Get the right support

Getting the support you need to get through your mortgage application can be difficult to come by.

But with a trusted mortgage broker on your side, you can fast-track the process and streamline your application.

You don’t have to spend long nights filling out applications anymore.

Save time and energy by letting an experienced mortgage broker fight the system for you.

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After thinking about getting financial advice for years, my wife and I finally engaged Andrew to help us last year. We lacked the financial knowledge, time and confidence to do it ourselves - personal finance is pretty important, and we didn’t want to make a mess of it! We didn’t know what to expect, but Andrew made it easy, never rushed us and provided solid advice. He spent as much time we needed to make sure we understood everything. Nothing was “too much trouble.” We made some changes, and 12 months in, we feel we’ve made excellent choices. My advice to anyone thinking about getting a financial health check, do yourselves a favour and have a chat with Andrew at Wheatley Finance. We’re thankful for the assistance he provided us, I’m sure you will be too.

- Andrew Greaney


I had a terrible experience late last year trying to refinance with a 'Big 4' bank I’d been with for over 10 years. I was stressed out. I couldn’t believe the bank wasn’t helping me and instead was making my situation worse! A colleague referred me to Andrew. He helped me with the admin and quickly lodged my application. Within weeks, the loan was approved and with substantially better outcomes. I am smashing it now and feel so much relief (financially) and could not be happier. All I can say is - it does not pay to be loyal. The banks do not look after you. They expect their customers to hang around and just keep paying whatever they say you should.

- Kylie Sullivan

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