Banks need your mortgage
more than you need a bank

Don’t get ripped off –
let a professional review
your mortgage for you

refinance your home

Discover if refinancing is the right path for you

There are a lot of positive financial reasons why you should refinance your home but going to the banks might not give you the deal you’re looking for.

The banks just want your money and can’t be trusted when it comes to giving you the best offer on your mortgage.

Here at Wheatley Finance, we’ve come up with a way for you to beat the system and start taking advantage of what the bank has to offer.

Here’s our three-step process for getting you the perfect refinancing deal on your mortgage.

Step 1

We give you clear information about your refinancing options that help you make informed decisions.

Step 2

With all the information on hand you have the power to control your refinancing decisions.

Step 3

Our qualified team is here to do all the heavy lifting for you to ensure you get the best refinancing offer on your mortgage.

If you want to refinance your home without having to stress about money or worry about where your cash is going then our team is here to help.

Get your mortgage refinanced faster and feel good about your finances by getting in contact with our team of financial experts today.


“Andrew & Jean at Wheatley Finance were so supportive with my home loan transfer and refinancing. I got a great home loan rate and they were very patient and happy to answer questions throughout the entire process. Excellent service!”

- Belinda Woods


“We got in touch with Andrew to see if he could help with our refinancing. We explained to Andrew what we needed going forward and he understood our brief from the get go. We found Andrew to be an honest guy and easy to deal with. The process which can sometimes be a little overwhelming and confusing was made quite easy with the systems and communications put in place. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew and his team.”

- Andrew Petzierides

Feel good about refinancing with more control and more support from a team that truly cares.

Truly cares about refinancing